Ravishing Restaurants in West Seattle

Our newly refurbished apartments are in the center of a restaurant gold mine. West Seattle is a hot spot for authentic foods from North America, with hidden gems of Mexican, Cajun, and Philadelphian food. Check out the West Seattle restaurant highlights.

Restaurants Near Lighthouse Apartments in West Seattle

The Westy Sports & Spirits

beer dripping down glass

This sports bar and gastropub is always lively with a buzz of excitement in the air. The restaurant opens early on game days and brings in a fun-loving crowd. The menu spans from American comfort food to globs of fried, cheesy goodness. The full-service bar serves a variety of beers and powerful cocktails. Come in on Tuesdays for free skee-ball, GoldenTee 2019, and arcade games.

Taqueria la Fondita

chicken tacos with peppers on corn tortilla with cheese

It might just be a food truck and a bench, but the gourmet meals that come out the window is worthy of a fine restaurant. Order from an extensive menu including fresh guacamole and Mexican corn on the cob.

Crawfish House

whole shrimp Cajun stir fry

This one is for the die-hard seafood lovers out there. Crawfish House serves fresh-caught seafood served Cajun-style. Not that into seafood? No problem. Order your choice of land-based fried food, and sample the traditional dishes from your friend’s plate.  

Tug Inn

burger fries and beer, cheeseburger with bacon and pickles

This Delridge spot is a dive bar with top-notch service. Grab a bite for under $10, try a jello shot, and stay for the friendly bartender with a talent for mixing drinks. This is a great bar to have in your backyard.

Calozzi’s Cheesesteaks

Philly cheesesteak with onions and cheese

These giant, meat-packed sandwiches are as messy as they are delicious. Build from nothing but pocket change and a love for this chaotic good meat, Calozzi’s is now a bustling business. See the tear-bringing story behind the success.

Looking for a nice place in West Seattle? Enjoy the community atmosphere at Lighthouse Apartments. Check out our resident lounge with a bar, pool, and hot tub, and other great amenities, or view available apartments.

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