West Seattle Elementary Schools

Close to the action of downtown Seattle but in a calmer part of town, West Seattle is a wonderful place to raise a family. In the area surrounding Lighthouse Apartments, there are three main choices for kids to start their primary education: the local public school, a Montessori school, and a bilingual Catholic school.

What Makes Each West Seattle Elementary School Different

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Roxhill Elementary School

The local Delridge public school works to prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Along with monthly family events, there are annual math, science, and literacy nights to foster a sense of excitement and discovery in a positive learning environment. There is a special program offered for students on the autism spectrum, and in-class translators for students learning English. Roxhill makes it its mission to inspire each and every student.

Northwest Montessori School

This small school envisions a place where anyone and everyone can thrive by building him or herself on the foundations of individualized learning, independent thinking, and the joy of discovery. It breaks away from the trend of “teaching to the test,” instead letting children explore the learning process in their own way. The Montessori school uses mixed-age classrooms to inspire nurturing, comradery, and confidence through teaching and learning from others.

Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School

This Catholic school’s vision is to raise a new generation that sees through cultural walls via bilingual English-Spanish learning. Immersion begins with 80% Spanish in Kindergarten and slowly introduces more English until classes speak each language for half the day. Students learn how to speak and read in English and Spanish and receive bilingual lessons in all subjects for a well-rounded understanding of both languages. In addition to cultural learning, the school promotes caring for the Earth by spending time in nature, growing plants, and learning about the environment. Each lesson is tied together with Christian teachings of neighborly love.

There are no wrong answers in choosing a school. While some parents wish for their children to enjoy the wide variety of opportunities and experiences at a public school, others seek the specific approach of a Montressori or bilingual school. Looking to make West Seattle your home? See other highlights of the West Seattle neighborhood.