New Community Garden in Seattle’s Lighthouse Apartments

Do you dream of the joys of gardening, but with the convenience of apartment living? Lighthouse apartment residents can take advantage of this through our private community garden! 

Living in a city often leaves us feeling disconnected from the natural world and separated from green spaces. Urban community gardens give city-dwellers the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world, and to take part in beautifying their local environment. Spending time in the garden has been shown to boost mood and foster feelings of peace and relaxation.

garden with pink trowel in dirt and pink petunias

Garden plants are not only beautiful, but can help remove airborne pollutants from the environment. Open soil absorbs rainwater, preventing it from washing harmful chemicals from city streets into our precious wetlands and waterways.

There are more practical benefits, too! Have you ever bought a head of lettuce only to have it start browning and wilting in just a day or two? Or bought a vine-ripened tomato only to have it taste like…well, like nothing special? Many fruits and vegetables that you find at your local grocery store, even when they’re organic, have been harvested young and shipped many miles to reach the store shelves. This impacts their flavor and lifespan once they enter your kitchen. Freshly grown fruits and vegetables last longer, taste better, and promote good health.

Fresh kitchen herbs add a punch of flavor to your favorite dishes and are among the easiest garden plants to grow. In fact, they’re one of the garden plants most often recommended for beginning gardeners, and one of the easiest ways to bring a home cooked meal from boring to brilliant.

Fresh flowers have a way of brightening up a room, especially when they come from your own garden. Not only that, but they may even live longer than flowers from a shop because they haven’t been shipped under refrigeration. You can just grow your favorites, and change up your floral arrangements as the mood strikes.

The gentle springs, beautiful summers, and crisp autumns that we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest mean that we have a large variety of garden plants to choose from. There are options for every kind of garden and every kind of gardener!

Does the idea of taking care of an entire garden make you feel overwhelmed? Our community garden is located in raised planters, which makes weeding, managing plantings, and other garden activities a breeze. Different plants thrive in different parts of the growing season, so you can keep growing things through the spring, summer, and early fall. Growing in planters also improves soil drainage, meaning that even in wetter parts of the year, the roots of your plants will be stronger and healthier.

Residents can access all of these benefits, improved mental and physical health, improvements to the environment, better tasting food, and the beauty of the natural world, for no additional charge. Contact our leasing office for more details and start getting your hands dirty!

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5 Apartment Amenities that Improve Your Daily Life


The perks of your next apartment aren’t just bonus features. They set the tone for the next phase of your life. Double down on the apartment with your favorite amenities, and spend more time doing the things you love.

5 Apartment Amenities with Real-Life Benefits

woman with dog in woods laughing and hugging

1. Dog Park with Wifi

Our dog park is not just a fun place to play fetch and socialize with other pups, it’s also a place to relax and let your dog be a dog. Our dog park is equipped with a wide selection of comfortable seating and free wifi so you can relax, goof off, or even get work done while your pup runs around.

2. Outdoor Lounge with a Pool and Spa

You may not own a McMansion with a hot tub under the stars, but you can invite your friends to the Lighthouse Apartments pool lounge anytime. Enjoy drinks by the pool, soak in the hot water, and play pool games in this luxurious outdoor space.

3. Quartz Countertops and Vinyl Plank Floors

With smooth, water-resistant surfaces all over the apartment, cleaning has never been easier. Parents and pet owners love how quickly messes disappear off these luxury surfaces. Enjoy stain-free living, never worrying about your security deposit.

4. 24-Hour Gym

Find that moment in your routine each day to hit the gym for your favorite workout. Every athlete swears by it: routine is what makes fitness happen. That’s why we keep our fitness center open and filled with a variety of equipment: to help residents make health a priority.

5. Community Garden

One of the most exciting and unique offerings of Lighthouse Apartments is the private community garden. Find your green thumb by growing colorful flowers as well as veggies for healthy, home-grown meals. For ideas, check out the Snohomish County guide to recommended garden plants in the Pacific Northwest.

Check out our full list of amenities, or apply now to pick out your favorite apartment or townhome.