New Community Garden in Seattle’s Lighthouse Apartments

Do you dream of the joys of gardening, but with the convenience of apartment living? Lighthouse apartment residents can take advantage of this through our private community garden! 

Living in a city often leaves us feeling disconnected from the natural world and separated from green spaces. Urban community gardens give city-dwellers the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world, and to take part in beautifying their local environment. Spending time in the garden has been shown to boost mood and foster feelings of peace and relaxation.

garden with pink trowel in dirt and pink petunias

Garden plants are not only beautiful, but can help remove airborne pollutants from the environment. Open soil absorbs rainwater, preventing it from washing harmful chemicals from city streets into our precious wetlands and waterways.

There are more practical benefits, too! Have you ever bought a head of lettuce only to have it start browning and wilting in just a day or two? Or bought a vine-ripened tomato only to have it taste like…well, like nothing special? Many fruits and vegetables that you find at your local grocery store, even when they’re organic, have been harvested young and shipped many miles to reach the store shelves. This impacts their flavor and lifespan once they enter your kitchen. Freshly grown fruits and vegetables last longer, taste better, and promote good health.

Fresh kitchen herbs add a punch of flavor to your favorite dishes and are among the easiest garden plants to grow. In fact, they’re one of the garden plants most often recommended for beginning gardeners, and one of the easiest ways to bring a home cooked meal from boring to brilliant.

Fresh flowers have a way of brightening up a room, especially when they come from your own garden. Not only that, but they may even live longer than flowers from a shop because they haven’t been shipped under refrigeration. You can just grow your favorites, and change up your floral arrangements as the mood strikes.

The gentle springs, beautiful summers, and crisp autumns that we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest mean that we have a large variety of garden plants to choose from. There are options for every kind of garden and every kind of gardener!

Does the idea of taking care of an entire garden make you feel overwhelmed? Our community garden is located in raised planters, which makes weeding, managing plantings, and other garden activities a breeze. Different plants thrive in different parts of the growing season, so you can keep growing things through the spring, summer, and early fall. Growing in planters also improves soil drainage, meaning that even in wetter parts of the year, the roots of your plants will be stronger and healthier.

Residents can access all of these benefits, improved mental and physical health, improvements to the environment, better tasting food, and the beauty of the natural world, for no additional charge. Contact our leasing office for more details and start getting your hands dirty!

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West Seattle Elementary Schools

Close to the action of downtown Seattle but in a calmer part of town, West Seattle is a wonderful place to raise a family. In the area surrounding Lighthouse Apartments, there are three main choices for kids to start their primary education: the local public school, a Montessori school, and a bilingual Catholic school.

What Makes Each West Seattle Elementary School Different

math blocks teaching large numbers in elementary school with hundreds thousands and millions orders of magnitude

Roxhill Elementary School

The local Delridge public school works to prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Along with monthly family events, there are annual math, science, and literacy nights to foster a sense of excitement and discovery in a positive learning environment. There is a special program offered for students on the autism spectrum, and in-class translators for students learning English. Roxhill makes it its mission to inspire each and every student.

Northwest Montessori School

This small school envisions a place where anyone and everyone can thrive by building him or herself on the foundations of individualized learning, independent thinking, and the joy of discovery. It breaks away from the trend of “teaching to the test,” instead letting children explore the learning process in their own way. The Montessori school uses mixed-age classrooms to inspire nurturing, comradery, and confidence through teaching and learning from others.

Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School

This Catholic school’s vision is to raise a new generation that sees through cultural walls via bilingual English-Spanish learning. Immersion begins with 80% Spanish in Kindergarten and slowly introduces more English until classes speak each language for half the day. Students learn how to speak and read in English and Spanish and receive bilingual lessons in all subjects for a well-rounded understanding of both languages. In addition to cultural learning, the school promotes caring for the Earth by spending time in nature, growing plants, and learning about the environment. Each lesson is tied together with Christian teachings of neighborly love.

There are no wrong answers in choosing a school. While some parents wish for their children to enjoy the wide variety of opportunities and experiences at a public school, others seek the specific approach of a Montressori or bilingual school. Looking to make West Seattle your home? See other highlights of the West Seattle neighborhood.

5 Apartment Amenities that Improve Your Daily Life


The perks of your next apartment aren’t just bonus features. They set the tone for the next phase of your life. Double down on the apartment with your favorite amenities, and spend more time doing the things you love.

5 Apartment Amenities with Real-Life Benefits

woman with dog in woods laughing and hugging

1. Dog Park with Wifi

Our dog park is not just a fun place to play fetch and socialize with other pups, it’s also a place to relax and let your dog be a dog. Our dog park is equipped with a wide selection of comfortable seating and free wifi so you can relax, goof off, or even get work done while your pup runs around.

2. Outdoor Lounge with a Pool and Spa

You may not own a McMansion with a hot tub under the stars, but you can invite your friends to the Lighthouse Apartments pool lounge anytime. Enjoy drinks by the pool, soak in the hot water, and play pool games in this luxurious outdoor space.

3. Quartz Countertops and Vinyl Plank Floors

With smooth, water-resistant surfaces all over the apartment, cleaning has never been easier. Parents and pet owners love how quickly messes disappear off these luxury surfaces. Enjoy stain-free living, never worrying about your security deposit.

4. 24-Hour Gym

Find that moment in your routine each day to hit the gym for your favorite workout. Every athlete swears by it: routine is what makes fitness happen. That’s why we keep our fitness center open and filled with a variety of equipment: to help residents make health a priority.

5. Community Garden

One of the most exciting and unique offerings of Lighthouse Apartments is the private community garden. Find your green thumb by growing colorful flowers as well as veggies for healthy, home-grown meals. For ideas, check out the Snohomish County guide to recommended garden plants in the Pacific Northwest.

Check out our full list of amenities, or apply now to pick out your favorite apartment or townhome.

Ravishing Restaurants in West Seattle

Our newly refurbished apartments are in the center of a restaurant gold mine. West Seattle is a hot spot for authentic foods from North America, with hidden gems of Mexican, Cajun, and Philadelphian food. Check out the West Seattle restaurant highlights.

Restaurants Near Lighthouse Apartments in West Seattle

The Westy Sports & Spirits

beer dripping down glass

This sports bar and gastropub is always lively with a buzz of excitement in the air. The restaurant opens early on game days and brings in a fun-loving crowd. The menu spans from American comfort food to globs of fried, cheesy goodness. The full-service bar serves a variety of beers and powerful cocktails. Come in on Tuesdays for free skee-ball, GoldenTee 2019, and arcade games.

Taqueria la Fondita

chicken tacos with peppers on corn tortilla with cheese

It might just be a food truck and a bench, but the gourmet meals that come out the window is worthy of a fine restaurant. Order from an extensive menu including fresh guacamole and Mexican corn on the cob.

Crawfish House

whole shrimp Cajun stir fry

This one is for the die-hard seafood lovers out there. Crawfish House serves fresh-caught seafood served Cajun-style. Not that into seafood? No problem. Order your choice of land-based fried food, and sample the traditional dishes from your friend’s plate.  

Tug Inn

burger fries and beer, cheeseburger with bacon and pickles

This Delridge spot is a dive bar with top-notch service. Grab a bite for under $10, try a jello shot, and stay for the friendly bartender with a talent for mixing drinks. This is a great bar to have in your backyard.

Calozzi’s Cheesesteaks

Philly cheesesteak with onions and cheese

These giant, meat-packed sandwiches are as messy as they are delicious. Build from nothing but pocket change and a love for this chaotic good meat, Calozzi’s is now a bustling business. See the tear-bringing story behind the success.

Looking for a nice place in West Seattle? Enjoy the community atmosphere at Lighthouse Apartments. Check out our resident lounge with a bar, pool, and hot tub, and other great amenities, or view available apartments.

puppy playing outside on lawn with knot dog toy

Dog-Friendly Apartments in Seattle: How We Go the Extra Mile for Your Pups

As The Stranger notes, it’s tough to find dog-friendly apartments in Seattle. As apartment managers, we don’t think it’s right for people to give up living somewhere nice just to have pets. That’s why we redesigned and renovated each Lighthouse apartment to make life easier for dog owners. As an added bonus, there are tons of fun activities for dogs and their families around town. See a few highlights of Lighthouse Apartment living for you and your pups.

Big Dogs Welcome! We Love Dogs at Lighthouse Apartments

puppy playing outside on lawn with knot dog toy

Dog-Friendly Apartment Renovations

Lighthouse makes it easy to live with pets. Each apartment is equipped with stain-resistant, luxury vinyl panel floors with the grain and color of natural wood. Messes are easy and stress-free to clean. Each apartment comes with an in-unit washer and dryer so you can toss in fur-coated clothes and blankets day and night.  

With all the little things taken care of, you and your pets can while away the evenings by the fireplace.

Community Amenities

Lighthouse campus is built on 12 acres of artistically landscaped grounds, a wonderful place to stretch your legs without venturing too far from home. Set your dogs free in the on-site, off-leash dog park to play ball and socialize with other dogs. When you’re ready for a change of pace, visit any of several local parks.

Lincoln Park

West of Lighthouse Apartments is an expansive series of wooded trails, a wonderful place to be immersed in nature without straying far from home. Walk or drive to the beach, a spot frequented by seals and otters, and visited by several species of whales.

Lincoln Park is best known for its salt water swimming pool, but unfortunately, dogs are not invited.

EC Hughes Playground

Just 4 blocks away, your water-loving pups can romp and play in the local spray park. The EC Hughes Playground is scheduled to be renovated in early 2019, so expect exciting changes in the near future. Check for updates here.

Westcrest Park

To the east, this park includes an 8.4 acre off-leash zone with forest paths, benches, and doggie drinking fountains. The park is regarded as a haven for dogs and dog lovers. There is a separate off-leash zone for small and shy dogs who need elbow room to play. While dogs are not known for their gardening skills, there is also a community garden for apartment residents with itching green thumbs. Lighthouse Apartments is built with dog lovers first in mind. Get started today by browsing open listings.